Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! Are you getting ready for the 4th of July? Hard to believe that it’s almost here! I had a visitor this week, she’s actually the twin sister of one of my downline. Anyway, she brought me a surprise gift. It’s this absolutely adorable apron!! And it’s reversible!!!!


Isn’t that adorable? The flower pattern even matches some of my brand colors in my logo! I know most people don’t pick up on that sort of thing, but that’s what happens when your daughter is a designer and spent LOTS of hours coming up with your brand and website!  😉  Here’s a close up look at the pocket on the glitter side, and if you look closely, there’s even a little pocket for my pen. I’m always laying it down at workshops, so now I can be more organized!! (maybe lol)

You know how I love bling and this apron has it!! The material actually has some glitter on it! I am absolutely in love with this apron! Such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. Thank you so much Leanne!! Didn’t I tell you that this journey I am on with Stampin’ Up! has introduced me to the best people? When I retired 2 years ago today from my state job to run my Stampin’ UP! business full time, some people thought I was nuts. I was a little nervous at first, but I was at a point in my career that I really needed a change. I can proudly say that for me, this was the perfect change! I have never been happier with my “job”, ever! And if you are in a position that you are looking for a change, give me a call! Starting tomorrow we will have a special for anyone that signs up. This is the very best decision you will ever make!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!