Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I know it’s been super quiet around here, but as most of you know, we were finishing up and moving in to my new stamp studio. Phew! Talk about a lot of hard work, but oh so worth it!! I have to say I have the best hubby ever!!! There were a lot emotions in this big change. Yes, I know some of you are thinking “what’s there to be emotional about?!?” Well for the past 14 years I had this wonderful scraproom that I created when my youngest daughter moved out. I LOVED my room and it went through MANY changes over the years. Here are some early pictures of it:

This was before I had even heard of Stampin’ Up! As you can see it was my happy place to play (and exercise lol) It didn’t matter what was going on in life, I could go in there and just escape and play. Then I became a demonstrator and needed to create my business in the same room I played in.

As you can see, it changed quite a bit. I was creating my class projects here, then having my classes in my dining room/living room area of the house. When we were thinking of moving, we came across some houses that gave us the idea to convert the 3rd bay of our garage. It was a long process and I’m not completely settled in yet, but here is what it looks like:

It’s got a way to go before it’s completely finished, and I tweak things as we go. Thank you for being patient as I get this next phase in place and for also being a part of this journey with me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great afternoon!