Love to Craft? Join my Dazzling Divas team!

Love to Craft? Join my Dazzling Divas team!

Hey everyone! How is your week going? It seems like we’ve been either packing/moving furniture out or unpacking/moving furniture back in to the house forever. For those that don’t know, we just replaced the floors in all the bedrooms, including my scraproom and our office. If you have never lived in any kind of remodel, consider yourself lucky! Here’s a before and after picture of my scraproom (prior to moving stuff back in):


Notice the disgusting carpeting? Yuck! No matter how often I had them cleaned, it just looked bad! And here’s the new floors:


So knowing I’ll be working more in my scraproom in an office capacity I knew I needed a new office chair. While in Office Max today I find the perfect chair, and on sale to boot. Here it is after assembly:



I fell in love with it immediately because it was white. You never see white office chairs right? So I know I just have to have it. Well while I’m waiting to pay for it, the lady at the cash register yells to someone, “hey, can you get one of the storm troopers?” I have no idea what she’s talking about, don’t think anything about it. Get home and DH and I put this thing together….when I turn it around to put the thing away it hits me. This is what I see:


It’s a freaking Storm Trooper!!! LOL Now I get it!! Ok, so I was a little slow, but either way, I love my chair, even if it’s from the “dark side”!! LOL

I should have my room back together and be able to share some sneak peeks of new product soon. (notice the SU! boxes on the floor? New catalogs and product from the new catalog!! woo hoo!!)

Hope you have a great evening, and “May the force be with you.” (sorry, just couldn’t help myself, you just can’t that up! lol)